On the heels of their first million-dollar event in June of 2018, Danielle and the ladies have a conversation around the topic of Profit, and how it is revealed in many ways, not only monetarily.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..PROFIT

Point #1: #growth

  • Coach Ani: Six months ago, we stood in front of a room of 165 empty chairs and we were like, “Oh fuck, do you see all of these chairs? There’s going to be a person in every fucking chair!” This time we had double the size of that, and as we looked over the audience, Val turned to me and said, “This is it?”
  • Coach Val: Leaving my kids, being in front of people, putting myself out there and teaching – none of it is my natural state. If you know how painfully shy I am, and how much I hate being in the spotlight, I was not only totally fine, I really enjoyed the whole process. So the fact that I did it and enjoyed it, I was like yay! All the hard work is paying off. If I can grow at this rate, anyone can!

Where in your world are you currently doing something that at one time seemed impossible for you, but has now become almost second nature?

Point #2: It’s in the Numbers

  • Danielle: This was our first million-dollar event! The numbers and the money have to be important. If you don’t know your numbers and you’re not moving forward, what’s the point? As a mom with two kids, I wouldn’t fucking do this if there was no profit.
  • Coach Ani: If we don’t look at the numbers, we have no idea how to course correct or what we can do to improve. I feel like numbers are part of protection and profit. You have to know your numbers in order to move forward and grow.

How has taking the time to know your numbers been a game changer for you? What changes have you made as a result?

Point #3: Walk the Talk

  • Coach Val: After the convention, I got some clarity about how I have been complicating things again, squeezing in more clients, and working more hours at night when I don’t need to. By the time I get home, my husband says I’m like a Zombie. It’s hard to let go of something when you enjoy it, but in order for me to live what we’re teaching, it’s time for me to reel it back in.
  • Danielle: In BMS, we teach that profit is reflected in other areas of life, and not only in a dollar figure. Because it’s hard to let go of the art, the clients, and money, we tend to burn ourselves out. But in order to live what we preach, we have to figure out how to be in that place of managing and delegating so we can actually have a good life. It’s about owning and creating that balance.

What can you do today to create more balance in your life between work and home?

Point #4: Letting Go

  • Coach Ani: I admit I’m a complete control freak, especially when it comes to everything inside of BMS. I’ve spent so much time creating and building it, I swear there are little pieces of my soul inside of it. Having an assistant has been a game changer, and for me, that’s such a big profit. Having an extra set of hands has freed up space for me to create more.
  • Danielle: When you have that assistant – and when you let go – you’ll be a new you. You think you’re letting go of power and that you’re not going to be as powerful, but you’ll find that you become even more powerful. You’re going to get to this weird space where everything on the checklist is done, your mind goes quiet, and it opens up space for you to create something new or different.

Where in your life have you been feeling that tug to let go?

Point #5: Freedom and Time

  • Coach Val: When Danielle and I were on stage talking about being moms and missing out on a lot of things, we received a lot of messages from the artists. One said that when she gets back, she’s letting her clients know she is no longer working Saturday’s. “I’ve been putting my clients in front of my children. No more! Not one more fucking day!” I love when artists take a stand for themselves, their family, and their time.
  • Coach Ani: When the convention first started, we each were on stage telling a little about our story. Garrett asked one of the artists what they wanted. “Freedom.” That describes me to a T. I am so fiercely independent. I had let my clients dictate so much of everything that I did- the time, the energy, the days, the money. Never again will I let someone dictate my life. I want to do what I want, when I want, and how I want –  be damned what everybody else thinks.

Where in your world is it time to take a stand for your life?

Quote of the Week:

“Entrepreneurs and people that work really hard get so addicted to the grind, and I get that. But if your company is moving forward and you’re able to enjoy life, for me, that’s profitable.”

— Danielle White

“When you spread yourself too thin, you’re not multitasking, you’re giving everybody shitty pieces of you. You’re trying to survive and you’re barely getting through the day instead of thriving. You have to find that sweet spot so you have that space to create.”

— Valerie Plunk

“I tell our students that if it seems like we have our life together, I’m so sorry. I’m still a student inside of this.”

— Anianne Rivera

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