New Episode! On the heels of two wildly successful back-to-back events, Danielle and Ani talk about what it takes to pull off events of that magnitude, how to handle the pressures of life and business, and why they do what they do.

In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..Power

Point #1: Let Them Go

  • If someone on your staff isn’t working out, don’t hold onto them. There’s never a good time to let someone go or to move on. But when all is said and done, sometimes it can actually work out to be perfect timing.
  • Danielle: “Don’t be held hostage by your employees. This can also relate to relationships. If you feel like you’re in a place where you “need” one another, that’s not healthy for your relationship.

Where in your world do you know it’s time to let go of someone or something?

Point #2: Visionaries & Implementors

  • As a visionary, Danielle needs to know just enough information to steer the ship, while Ani and Katie, as implementors, are all about the details.
  • Many salon owners take the stance of “I’m just going to focus on the art and the hair and not worry about the numbers,” which can be completely detrimental to their business.

Which one are you? A visionary or an implementor?

Point #3: Help!

  • As business owners, you’ve got SO MUCH on your plate. It’s so easy to take on EVERYTHING. Even if you want help, it’s hard to let go and give some of the responsibility to others.
  • When you experience shitty help, shitty help is worse than no help. It turns into babysitting, which requires more time and energy than it’s worth. You end up sacrificing more than you ever anticipated.

How can you relate to this?

Point #4: Sinking Ship?

  • Danielle: Sometimes there are areas of our life where the ship is sinking, and we think, “Oh, I’ve just gotta fight.” But if your ship has been sinking for quite some time, you’ve got to reevaluate. You’ve got to face the facts and the truth of your situation.
  • You have to build yourself. Build YOU! The consequences of NOT building yourself has a trifecta effect. You won’t know the impact that you actually have the power to make on people unless you’re willing to take a look at yourself and build yourself.

Where in your world is it time to face the truth & facts that you have been ignoring?

Point #5:  Do It Scared

  • Ani: There’s always going to be pressure in your life. There are going to be moments in your life where you’ll think, “I don’t know if I can actually do this.” It comes down to a moment of decision for yourself.
  • You might be scared shitless, thinking, “I’m not confident, and I’m not 100% certain I can do this! But you know what? Fuck it. I’m not just going to try; I’m going to give this EVERYTHING I have.”

How can you apply this to your life?

Quote of the Week:

“If I can figure out how to do this while still being a mom, having family time, having a career, and enjoying life, I want other people to experience this, too. That’s why I launched NBR.”

Danielle K White

“It fucking wrecks you! It throws your life upside down, and has you questioning everything you’ve ever done in the most beautiful way that you could NEVER imagine!”

–Anianne Rivera

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