Do you consider yourself to be self-aware? Why does that even matter? Do you waste time on social media and then complain you don’t have time to do the things that would actually move you forward in your business? Do you ever feel like you’re on a never-ending hamster wheel, always moving but going nowhere? Danielle and Ani take on these topics in this week’s episode of the Big Money Stylist. 

In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..PRODUCTION

Point #1: I’m Too Busy

  • With artists working behind the chair, there are simple marketing tactics they get to work on that are designed to increase their momentum and ultimately their business. One of them is called the Daily Four, which many complain they don’t have time to do.
  • However, artists often fill their days with shit that doesn’t fucking matter. They’ll sit on Instagram for thirty minutes, scroll endlessly, and then do some shopping. “You could have been doing something that will make you money instead of just taking up your time.”

When you say you don’t have time for marketing or self-improvement, how are you really spending your time?

Point #2: False Loop

  • Sometimes in life, you’re moving so fast that the idea of trying to fit one more thing inside your life seems completely unfathomable. You feel like you’re almost sinking and can barely maintain what you already have on your plate.
  • Danielle: A lot of times, we’ll be busy running on this hamster wheel, and it’s almost like we self-sabotage because we want to feel like we’re growing and learning, when in fact, we’re not even progressing. That is when we experience the false lift or false loop.

Where in your world are you experiencing this false loop?

Point #3: You’re Not Quite There Yet

  • Some artists are worried about things that are ten steps ahead of them. “Why are you worried about firing your fucking assistant if you don’t even have one?”
  • This can actually hold you back in life and in business. Instead, concentrate on where you are right now and then take one step at a time. Example: start doing Daily Four, begin taking before/after photos, or start going live.

What is one thing you can begin implementing today rather than worrying about what’s ten steps ahead of you?

Point #4: Awareness

  • Awareness is so important, but it is not something that comes easily. It takes having the courage to be really honest with yourself. “I’m a very emotional person, but I’m not sensitive,” offers Ani.
  • “And inside of that, I feel like I am a very self-aware person. I can take myself out of my feelings, take a step back, and take a look from the outside and ask myself, “If you weren’t emotionally attached to this, would you be upset?”

How is being self-aware a game-changer for you?

Point #5:  Zero Fucks Given

  • Danielle: Garrett tells me that my superpower is Zero Fucks Given, and asks how I do that? I HAVE to do that. I’ve gotten to a place in business where what another person says doesn’t impact me.
  • Ani is the same way. “I can take emotion out of something, put it in a little box, and logically ask, what’s happening right now?” It’s imperative to take the raw emotion out of something to be able to solve problems; otherwise, things tend to spiral out of control.

What is your superpower?

Quote of the Week:

 “It’s almost like we have our blinders on when we look at our art because art is so personal. But if you can learn to look at yourself constructively, that will help you progress and become a better artist.”

–Danielle K White

“I don’t aspire to be busy. I want to be productive, I want to be inventive, I want to be calm and balanced.”

–Anianne Rivera

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