Danielle and Ani welcome Ashlee Norman as their special guest on today’s episode of the Big Money Stylist. Ashlee is a world-renowned educator who specializes in color and is going to be one of the speakers at the upcoming annual convention, BMSCON4.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..Production

Point #1: Invest in Yourself

  • Ashlee is an independent educator who has been traveling the world teaching for the past five years. She loves teaching people who invest in themselves and who are excited to learn and grow. Before that, she was an in-salon educator for ten years.
  • “I was coming back to the salon super passionate to share these ideas, and what I had learned. I would have girls hungover or girls not wanting to be there. It was free; they felt coerced to be there and didn’t value it.”

Where in your world do you find yourself constantly giving to others who don’t value you or your message? How is that working for you?

Point #2: Expand Your Capacity

  • Ashlee: I like this idea that our life is like a wheel. Sometimes you’re going to get a flat tire, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pump it back up and keep going.
  • Ani: I see hear artists who say, “I don’t know if I can do this!” Yes, you can. You have to push past that capacity and know that you can do more.

Where in your world do you want to expand your capacity?

Point #3: Day By Day

  • Danielle: You need to take things one day at a time. If I look at goals that I want to happen at this time next year, I immediately close down and get overwhelmed, and I feel like I’m drowning.
  • A lot of women will worry about things six months into the future, but I tell them they don’t have to worry about them right now because they’re not facing those things right now. Just worry about the problems that are right in front of you.

What can you do to focus more on what’s in front of you?

Point #4: Don’t Stop

  • When you give people a tool that can double their income, it changes lives, and it changes families. Years ago, when Danielle came home exhausted, juggling motherhood and work, she didn’t know if she could continue on. A voice came to her and said, “You’d be selfish to stop.”
  • “I think we tend to come through and do things when there is more on the line. With each kid, my time got that much more valuable. As educators, we don’t realize how many people were inspiring. I can still be a mom and at the same time, teach and be passionate about hair.”

Who has inspired you to become a better artist?

Point #5: Priorities

  • Danielle: It comes down to prioritizing your time in order to create that balance. You have to learn how to prioritize your time based on what fucking ship is sinking.
  • Ani: Nobody has any fucking free time for anything. You MAKE fucking time. You make time for business, you make time for partnerships, you make time for filming, and you make time for your actual partner. You make time based on what is a priority.

Where in your world do you know it’s time to re-visit your prioritizes and course-correct?

Quote of the Week:

“The more we share our stories, the more we can evolve and level up our capacity, and figure out how to balance life productively.”

Danielle K White

“Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! If it’s not important, if it’s not encouraging you, and if it’s not pushing you forward, fucking cut it out of your life and move on!”

Anianne Rivera

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