Whether you’re a hairdresser, entrepreneur, businessman or businesswoman, you’re bound to find massive value and enjoyment in the Big Money Stylist podcast. This week, creator and founder of NBR and DKW Styling, Danielle K White, and head trainer, Ani Rivera, have a riveting and spicy conversation around the many facets of Profit.

Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..PROFIT

Point #1: Not Just a Hair Class

  • BMS education is not your typical hair industry education, by any means. It is highly sought after with limited seating, thus making the enrollment process less than typical as well. It is extensive and is taken very seriously by the team.
  • Coach Ani: BMS education is not normal: it’s hustle, grind, and commitment like never before, beginning with an intense three week lead up to the actual three-day event. Now we know what to look for in the applications that come in because we’ve gotten really clear on the different traits of those we want inside BMS, who will be a good fit for us, and vice-versa.

Where in your life are your hustle and grind lacking power and commitment?


Point #2: Communication Styles

  • Coach Ani: The way I message Danielle is the same way I message Garrett – brief and to the point. When I hired Morgan on as my assistant, I told her don’t be offended, I’m not trying to be a dick, but I’m a very direct person and my mind moves very quickly.
  • Danielle: I can’t play that role with Garrett because I’m his wife. When I have done that in the past, he would spout back at me as if I were a dude, then I would say fuck you buddy and get irritated. Now, I reframe it as a question, “Would you like to do this?’ Underneath it, though, I’m thinking “we’re fucking doing this!” I put the two emojis with a heart and sometimes with a flame, and he responds: Yeah, love it babe, fist bump… instead of being mad. It’s all about the packaging and the pre-frame.

What different communication styles do you use with the most important people in your life?


Point #3: Hats, Lids, and Boxes

  • Coach Ani: When you wear so many hats, something can trigger you. If you try to solve it while you’re upset and pissed off, you’re not actually going to get a great solution. I never speak out of anger. If I’m that angry, I know I need to take a step back and quiet down. I don’t curse, I don’t scream, and I don’t yell because you can never take any of that back. I reel it in, reframe it, let it go, and move forward.
  • Danielle:  Everybody has their level before they reach the point of explosion. Garrett is 1-2-3 BAM!  –  whereas I have to go through 16 levels before I’ll flip my lid. If you have two people who flip their lid simultaneously, you can’t have a productive conversation and are no longer in a logical space. If I step back and compose myself, Garrett comes back down into his box, and we’re able to have a logical and somewhat productive conversation.

What is your go-to response when you get triggered?


Point #4: Visions and Targets

  • Coach Ani: When you get clear on what you want and set a goal or target, in the beginning, it has to be specific. If you say, “I just want to have the perfect client,” or “I just want to have more money,” what does that actually look like for you? Everyone’s picture is going to be different – the perfect client for you may not be the perfect client for someone else, or the amount of money you want may look different for someone else. Get specific, and at the same time, be flexible.
  • Danielle:  I don’t create some kind of a vision board; they’re messy and look like a five-year-old’s collage. Also, I’ve noticed my Vision will change, so if I’m stuck on what I’ve put on this board, that can hold me back. If I’m so focused on this “one thing,” what other opportunities am I missing out on? When people have a set plan and shit goes sideways, where the plan doesn’t pan out or come to fruition, it creates chaos and confusion in their lives, and they plummet. My take on it? Shift your plan and change your story.

Where in your world have you been so set on a particular outcome that you have missed or turned away other opportunities that have shown up along the way?


Point #5: Vulnerability

  • Coach Ani: One of my biggest weaknesses is being vulnerable. Garrett told me that I have one of the best poker faces. It goes stone cold, stoic; that’s how I am feeling. But underneath, I know it’s a hurricane. Even when I start crying, my face doesn’t change. I’m a literal weeping statue. When it comes to my students telling me some of the gnarliest shit I have ever heard in my life, it’s poker face, and I can’t let it affect me
  • Danielle: When you’re coaching individual students and they’re in a painful place, if you’re both in tears at the same time, you’ll get nothing done. There’s a time and a place when vulnerability sets the stage and melts the audience, but when you’re trying to get shit done, it’s not effective. It’s learning to use your superpowers as needed.

What are your feelings about vulnerability: Strength, weakness, or both?

Quote of the Week:

“Stay consistent, follow your heart and intuition, and be able to logically back it up. Shift your gears and start going in the direction you feel like you should be going. As you follow your plan, you never know what opportunities will open up along the way.”

— Danielle White

“I encourage you to look at what you’re doing right now inside of your life and business. If you recognize that you have put yourself into a box because “I thought I wanted to do this,” or “I’ve been focused on this one goal so much,” rearrange it, journal about it, meditate, and do whatever you need to do to get yourself out of that box.”

–Anianne Rivera

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