In this week’s episode, Danielle arrives in an impressive head-to-toe 80s look as she and Ani take a walk down the memory lane of fashion and style. They also explore the ever-important topic of research, how to handle your clients’ expectations, and share the steps they are taking that are radically challenging the hair industry’s wide-spread “pay-to-play” policy. *Repeat Episode From January 2019*

In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..PROTECTION

Point #1: Embrace Change

  • Fashions and styles come and go and have a tendency to repeat every thirty years or so. Danielle remarks, “Let go of the old and accept the new. The old becomes the new new, so just let go.”
  • “While short haircuts are trendy, extensions are always going to be classic and cool. We just need to make sure the styles stay consistent with the times.”

What fashions or styles have been your favorites through the years?

Point #2: Hand-Tied Hair

  • Extension hair comes machine-tied and hand-tied. Sixteen years ago, Danielle discovered hand-tied hair. She liked it because the weft was so much thinner and the density from top to bottom was so much fuller.
  • Hand-tied hair is super trendy right now. It’s important to do your research because there are so many different installation methods. Natural Beaded Rows is one of the installation methods of the hand-tied hair.

As an Artist, what different types of installation methods have you exerienced?

Point #3: Time, Reps & Experience

  • Ani: You can be doing something for ten years but are only doing it for five minutes every day, or you can be doing something for a year but are spending seven hours a day doing it. I’ll choose the seven-hour person every time.
  • Danielle: You have to have reps in something in order to become an expert. When people say they’ve been doing hair for 20-30 years, they don’t understand that the experience you’ve had, Ani, could be equal to or more than what they’ve done.

Where in your world do you know you’re lacking reps?

Point #4: Managing Client Expectations

  • When you have a client who hasn’t experienced extensions, you need to take more time with them and describe how to take care of the extensions. You almost need to baby them at first.
  • It’s also important to be able to have direct communication with them which you may not be accustomed to doing. Yet, as the professional, it’s vital that you have these direct conversations with them. (What is your hair policy? Do they need new hair? How long is your work guaranteed?)

How can your improve the direct conversations with your clients?

Point #5:  The World of Pay to Play

  • Ani: Inside the hair world, you pay to play. You paid your money so now you’re ‘qualified and certified.’ The changes we’ve made inside of our education now means something. It means something to do NBR, it means something to be a licensed artist, not just, “I paid money, took one class, and now I’m certified.”
  • Danielle: We had to make some hard decisions within our education. We pumped on the brakes and put qualifications in place. We received a lot of backlash for it but that’s ok. There’s no point being in business if you’re not trying to up the game. It’s always important to take a step back and look at the reality of where you are.

What have you done lately to “up your game?”

Quote of the Week:

 “People are giving way too much credit to popularity vs actually doing the research. Not every artist, salon, or technique is created equal.”

–Danielle K White

“As a consumer myself, I do crazy research and am super psycho about it. It’s that important to me.”

–Anianne Rivera

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