Danielle K White, owner of DKW Styling and creator of Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) had a vision as a hair stylist to bring value and purpose to others through hair extensions, taking this industry to an even greater level with Lead Stylists Valerie Plunk and Anianne Rivera, merging their elite skills as Artists with the business aspect of being a Salon Owner with Danielle’s husband, Garrett J White, founder of Wake Up Warrior and co-owner of DKW Styling.

The Art Behind the Artist: Podcast Origin

There’s a problem that pre exists for stylists, and it’s about waking up the artist inside of you from the slave that you have been behind the chair.
That’s what my husband, Garrett J White saw in being married to a hair stylist that doesn’t see herself as an Artist.
Coming up with Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) was because of having Toddler hair all of her life and always wanting really great, long hair. After combining six different techniques that she learned on various extension methods, she just wanted something to work in her own hair. By creating her brand through DKW Styling Salon, she learned that she was a self-proclaimed educator that worked for her hair which can work on anyone else’s hair.
Creating NBR was a game changer in my own life, so I figured, “How can I help others learn what I learned?”
Beyond helping clients get great hair, it’s now to the point of spreading the message with how to be successful as a business owner as well within the salon.
For Valerie Plunk, she was first introduced to NBR through others, always desiring to have great hair as well. After three weeks of being introduced to Danielle’s technique, she saw an application I was hiring and she submitted an application.
It was an instant connection.
This then put the ball into motion of having her now be the lead trainer inside of the DKW Styling Salon.
As for Anianne Rivera, her story was VERY different but also meant to be as part of NBR.
She was searching for something different, which makes her one of our business trainers behind the salon.
After having a client ask her if she had ever heard of Danielle K White and the hair extension technique for Natural Beaded Rows, opting to do the home study course.
The minute she started watching the videos, it all clicked.
In March of 2016, Ani was part of the first training for Certified Training, in which Val became her coach and the rest became history.
NBR is a methodology that allowed artists to find a specific niche to go all in on.
I found a solution with great results, so I knew I had to share it with others. That’s when I realized that there’s being good at educating, and good at selling. I had to learn how to make it work.
BMS started when I was first teaching the NBR method, but some were not passionate about the value behind it, not seeing the vision that I could see.
It’s like they were missing a key element.
There’s a technical side that the industry was missing, seeking the Promised Land that I knew Garrett could help me with from the business aspect of DKW that wasn’t taught in hair school.
They don’t touch the business side of hair at all!
I didn’t give myself enough credit behind the mindset that I had, realizing that Stylists need the business behind the chair.
It came down to finding solutions to problems.
NBR became a solution to set the artist free, and have an opportunity to take NBR to the marketplace. Most artists inside of the hair industry works as a slave.
If you do the work, success is GUARANTEED.
When you are able to get to a whole other level of success, you realize that living a life that’s good is no longer fine. Once you get a taste of a great life, you realize what you have been missing in your life.
Breaking out of the slavery mentality isn’t as easy as you think, though.
From the trainer’s perspective Ani has taught that being stuck in an old way of techniques and viewing yourself as a Stylist comes down to getting past the hard points.
Seeing yourself as an Artist and making decisions from that place is absolutely crucial tools to believe in yourself.
None of it will work if you don’t believe in yourself.
If you don’t believe in yourself, you’re not going to get clients in your chair.
What does it come down to?
All from making MORE money while working less.
We’ll discuss more on this in the next episode, so we’ll see you then!

Each Week, we’ll cover specific topics:

Week #1: Power
Week #2: Production and Perspective
Week #3: Profit
Week #4: Protection

Key Points

Point #1: Toddler Hair to Bring New Techniques

  • Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) came about because of always having super fine hair and the desire to have full, great hair.
  • After looking at six different techniques and creating her own brand, Danielle realized that she is also an educator for a specific technique

Point #2: How to Become a Successful Business Owner

  • Big Money Stylist (BMS) came about through discussing the business aspect of being a salon owner, which is NOT covered in hair college.
  • It comes down to a marriage of being a business owner in front of the chair in order for the stylist to become an artist behind the chair.

Point #3: NBR Trainers: Val and Ani

  • It was an instant connection when Valerie Plunk found DKW Styling before even learning about BMS because of the desire that she also had to have bomb hair extensions.
  • As for Anianne Rivera, becoming part of BMS was getting pulled by the calling of learning the NBR technique.

Point #4: Carving Out Your Specific Niche

  • The desire of creating a specific niche in the hair industry by creating an environment for a stylist to solely do NBR brought about the training and podcasts
  • There’s only so much that can be shared on an instagram post, so the next natural course of action became setting up trainings, conventions, and now the podcasts.

Point #5: Setting the Artist Free

  • Taking NBR to the marketplace became a solution to setting the Artist within the hair stylist free.
  • In order to do that, the Artist needs to know the business side behind the chair to make the art a reality.

What’s Covered Every Week, Every Month:

Week #1: Power
Week #2: Production and Perspective
Week #3: Profit
Week #4: Protection