As trailblazers in the hair industry, the White’s are shattering the status quo and are setting new standards with their fresh ideas, proving that if you want to make an impact inside your industry, you can’t go with what’s already been done. This week’s topic? The importance of investing in yourself AND your business. 

* This an encore presentation of a previously aired episode from February 2019.

In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..PROFIT

Point #1: Mom Side Job?

  • A lot of women go into hair believing it to be a great mom side job where they’re able to create their own schedule, be their own boss, and make good money, which is exactly what Danielle believed. While artists learn the “how to’s” of doing hair, no business skills are taught at hair school.
  • Not being business savvy, most find themselves “thrown out into the world” to fend for themselves and end up giving away a lot more of their time than they realize, which ends up taking time away from their children – the very reason they went into hair in the first place!

What was the reason you entered the world of hair?

Point #2: Invest In Yourself

  • Danielle wanted to give her clients a world-class experience but was unwilling to invest in herself, in the business, or in her education. “I don’t think I valued myself enough to where I had a price-point where I thought I had leeway to invest in my business.”
  • Garrett: Human beings operate in this really ridiculous way when it comes to business. We expect others to invest in us, yet we aren’t willing to invest in them. Part of the psychology and shift that had to take place with Danielle and the artists that we train was the willingness to invest in themselves.

What do you do to invest in yourself on a regular basis?

Point #3: NBR Is a Feeling, Not a Function

  • “If you have shitty hair extensions, most likely, you’re going to feel even more self-conscious about your extensions; you’re going to worry about how they look, and you’re going to wonder if they’re hanging out and showing. But if you have good, customized extensions, you’re going to feel like a rock star.”
  • “As I was creating NBR, one of my goals was to not only have my clients look good in the initial before and after photo; I wanted them to carry the confidence as if they were growing the hair out of their own heads!”

Why did you initially seek out NBR hair extensions?

Point #4: Invest In Your Business

  • Over time, as her business started to grow, Danielle got to the point where she was wearing one too many hats and realized she could no longer do everything on her own. This led her to begin investing in herself by hiring others on her team.
  • She learned that in handing things off to others, it actually made her look like more of a professional, attracting a different type of clientele, which made it easier to ask for the price point she was looking for. “It’s cool to have an understanding of how it all works, but you’ve got to realize that not every little thing is going to be your specialty.”

When are you going to begin investing in your business?

Point #5: Addicted to Certification, Not Results

  • Garrett: There are a lot of artists who hunt down the certification game. Although they continue to get certified, they continue to be shitty and nothing changes inside of their hair business. They’re addicted to certification, not results.
  • Inside of BMS, we pumped the brakes to assure the quality of the artist AND the quality of the art. If you want a result, then you’ll double-down. You’ll double-down on yourself, on your family, and on your future.

Where in your world do you know you need to start doubling-down?

Quote of the Week:

“The minute you flip the switch and recognize that doubling down with time, energy and money on you – and then being willing to do the work required to get results – is the path to getting a life that works. There is nobody that can give you this.”

–Garrett J White

“You want a leg up in the game? Become a fucking marketer. You’ve got to learn how to represent your work the way you really feel like it is. Stop telling people how good you are, show them!”

–Danielle K White

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