In this week’s episode Danielle White discusses with Val and Ani the importance of valuing yourself in order to take ownership of the success that all salon owner seeks to gain in the hair industry.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection


In This Week’s Episode…..POWER

Point #1:Modern Slave Stylist

  • According to both Coach Val and Ani, if you don’t have any freedom as a stylist, you are sacrificing days off and working on the weekends and bending over backwards putting ourselves INTO slavery according to Danielle learning skills to do hair but not the business side of it.
  • It’s hard to say no to money, but instead stylists undervalue their time. Success was measured according to how full the books are and how many clients are done in a day, when it comes down to shifting the perspective to make more money working less hours.

Where have you as a Stylist found yourself to be a Slave behind the chair?

Point #2: The Power Behind Artists and Running Businesses

  • The story in which stylists were told was that you just do what the salon is doing, and there wasn’t any emphasis on the business side of things, which Danielle taught within herself to stop operating from the frames that were previously given.
  • If you have no ideas what your numbers are, you will remain stuck, begin to hate your job and clients and bounce OR you can join BMS Live and join the monthly training explained within the podcast by Danielle, Ani and Val.

What is the purpose behind your power to do the work that you’re doing?

Point #3: The Reward of the Ripple Effect

  • Power is about being willing to be uncomfortable to grow and learn, never apologizing for success and standing in your power for who you are, even if it means no longer having certain relationships remain in your life the more clear you become about how you want your power to be.
  • There’s a “spidey-sense” is about being in tune with our heart more than our head, even when it doesn’t make sense that pushes us beyond the fear listening to a little voice that eventually yells, “We’re doing epic shit!”

What is the Voice within your heart that tells you something different than what your head is telling you?

Point #4: The Power of Association

  • When we surround ourselves with people that are constantly leveling themselves up, they will push us to become a better version of ourselves.
  • Most individuals live and die in guilt and shame, which effects every human being, but a virus at the core for Artists, becoming powerless seeking validation instead of owning success within oneself, keeping the door open for limitless possibilities.

Where do you feel guilt and shame over the story that you’re telling yourself?


Point #5: Gaining Certainty and Progress Through Collaboration

  • One of the challenges that we run into is that we compare our current state with a highlight reel of all of the success that others have, creating a disempowering game of comparison.
  • The Game of Collaboration is about pushing yourself beyond anywhere you’ve ever gone before by putting blinders on towards anything that doesn’t bring inspiration. We all have a story that’s pushed us to where we’re at.

How do you deal with the disempowering game of comparison?


Quote of the Day:

“Don’t apologize for who you are. Play to the biggest version of yourself.”

Valerie Plunk 

“Gaining Power isn’t about losing other people, but if you’re losing yourself, it could be that you’re not standing on your own. When you’re sure of your own power, you become clear of where you want to go.”

Anianne Rivera

“It’s the scariest thing to follow your Path of Power that your heart is pulling you when it goes against what others expect from you.”

Danielle White


Stay Tuned for Next Week’s Topic….PRODUCTION

Where we’ll be dealing with the spicy topic of being liked or getting paid.

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