In this episode of Big Money Stylist, the conversation begins with Coach Ani and Coach Val describing their personal experiences behind the artist slave mentality and why they are so committed to leading artists out of that mentality. Danielle describes her belief behind why she believes their podcast continues to be #1 in iTunes among Fashion and Beauty, Garrett introduces a new segment into the podcast and conversations which lead to exposing truths and patterns.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection


In This Week’s Episode…..POWER

Point #1: Learn, Live and Lead

  •  When we learn something, there’s this initial emotional explosion of happiness and excitement that pushes us to want to share it with others. Once we start living what we’ve learned, that naturally pushes us to want to lead others. Both Coach Ani and Coach Val are committed to speaking out about the artist slave mentality that is deeply embedded and runs rampant in the hair industry. They have each lived it, have since found another way of living, and desire to share it.
  • Excitement abounds for Coach Ani as BMS officially has its own headquarters, office space and conference room, where the BMS Bootcamps designed specifically for students within the Mastermind, with 4-5 artists at a time, are going to be starting up at the end of this month. Coach Val describes her journey of going from booth renting inside of Salon OC to becoming the CEO of DKW Styling, and is so excited about the expansion currently taking place.

What are you learning and living that is pushing you to want to lead others to experience that same thing for themselves?

Point #2: Entitlement vs Growth

  • A message that was sent to us by someone who is clearly upset is demonstrating a pattern of behavior. The way an individual speaks and the way they operate as a Producer during change, directly reflects the amount of power or lack of power  they currently have.
  • Danielle: I gave this person a tool, she turned her entire business into NBR, and has made more money because of it. Don’t be entitled and stop making it about me. Either you grow with somebody, or you don’t. Coach Ani: Things grow, evolve and expand – and you should, too, as a business owner and as an artist.

Where in your life are you feeling entitled and know it’s time to level up?

Point #3: Wake the Fuck Up!

  • Garrett: I have a special message for this individual who has made tens of thousands of dollars over the past four years by endorsing the NBR brand, whose business was launched and started because of Danielle, who has shown absolutely zero gratitude towards Danielle who bled sweat and tears to create this system, and is making all sorts of excuses about coming out to Cali for continued training in the NBR brand.
  • Danielle: When people tell me “I can’t,” I have very little sympathy for them because of what I have gone through myself. It makes me mad when people hold themselves so low. I just want to kick them and yell, “Wake the fuck up! Let’s get past the ego and let’s just do this shit!”

What areas of your life do you find yourself responding with, “I can’t?”  What are you committed to doing today to turn that around?

Point #4: Collision Is Necessary For Growth

  • Whenever you collide, you need to do it for growth, not just to let some steam off. That’s what journals are for. When you’re growing and they’re not, they’re going to try to pull you back to where they are or where you used to be.
  • Danielle: People have a hard time with growth if they’re not growing themselves. When you begin skyrocketing so far past them when they thought you were at the same level, all of sudden they’re bugged and  want to judge you for who you were in the past. They can’t say anything when we’re not in the same galaxy anymore.

What are your beliefs and patterns about collision?

Point #5: Popularity vs Purpose and Profitability

  • When an artist is stuck in the game of popularity, they lose all power by spending most of their time boosting their ego as opposed to using that time to better their marketing skills and delivering expert experiences to their clients. Use social media as a tool to showcase your work and create a great presence – but don’t get caught up in the number of likes and followers. More followers does not necessarily mean more money.
  • When you’re driven by a result that matters, you have more stamina and longevity; it’s more rewarding so you want to keep going. The more profitable you become, the more true popularity you obtain. The one currency that everyone listens to is fuckin results.

Danielle: I need you to ask yourself right now: Am I going in the direction I should be going? Am I chasing the wrong thing? Do I need to reel it back in and focus on family and my relationships?


Quote of the Week:

“There are time when I have to remind myself: Okay, Danielle, fuckin rise above this. When I come in with that mindset – when I drop the attitude and the ego and look at the big picture – I’m like: Alright, let’s do this. Everybody wins. But if you stay in your entitled little shit hole, you’ll continue to be an entitled shit head.”

— Danielle White

“I don’t know why women are held to such a different standard, but it’s definitely disempowering when you don’t stand up for what’s right. We get the message of ‘you’re better than that, just take the higher road.’ But being quiet isn’t always taking the higher road.”

— Valerie Plunk

“At the end of the day, we have built something amazing and we are going to protect the shit out of it. We’re not going to let someone come in and just shit all over us. We’re never going to allow it because it’s worth more to us than that. People look for justification in their life with every decision they’re not happy with.”

–Anianne Rivera

“If you’re looking for people to go to war with you and the results that you want – who don’t give a shit about popularity, yet find popularity through results, productivity and profitability – Big Money Stylist just might be the place for you to call home.”

–Garrett J. White



Stay Tuned for Next Week’s Topic….PRODUCTION


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