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*Encore presentation from May of 2019*

How do you respond to feedback, especially when it isn’t in the form of praise? Are you able to give feedback, or is your typical response, “Oh, I’m fine.” Danielle and Ani have a lively conversation in this week’s episode about these and other similar topics, offering suggestions and tips from their own lives to illustrate their points.

Point #1: Give & Take

  • Anytime you make a decision, you’re going to receive feedback. Feedback can be a very beautiful thing and can come to you in the form of praise. It can also come in the form of persecution. Either way, you must be able to take a step back, be open to it, and ask yourself, “What is the lesson?”
  • When you are open to constructive feedback that can serve you, things will improve and you will progress. The same holds true with being the one giving constructive feedback and having the courage to give it when necessary.

When you receive feedback, what is your normal go-to action? Do you defend and blame, or are you open to asking yourself, “What is the lesson?”

Point #2: Oh, It’s Fine

  • How often do we tell others, “Oh, it’s fine” when it really isn’t because we don’t want to complain or ‘rock the boat?’ All of those ‘oh, it’s fine’ moments stack on top of each other until you finally blow. And, guess what? It’s your fault.
  • Ani: You can’t be upset with your clients for coming in on a Saturday when you allow them to come in on a Saturday. You can’t be mad at someone else for the choices and decision you make.

How often do you use the phrase, “Oh, it’s fine” when you know that isn’t the truth?

Point #3: Poking Holes

  • Whenever you make a life-altering decision, people are going to express an opinion…whether solicited or not. When they come at you with that ‘poke hole’ mentality, it will test how strong & confident you are in your convictions.
  • It will either push you forward OR you’re going to let it get to your head and you will begin questioning your decision, putting yourself in a weakened, wishy-washy condition. Don’t go about making decisions with one foot in and one foot out.

Where do you currently have one foot in and one foot out? What can you do to change that?

Point #4: Fear & Faith

  • You’re always going to be afraid of trying something new and leaving what was comfortable behind. There will always be a fear attached to what could happen. There’s also a HUGE fear attached to failure and the fear of sucking & embarrassing yourself.
  • When you make a decision to do something, you have to be confident in that decision. Yes, you’re going to be afraid. Yes, you may be a little unsure of what the hell you’re doing…and that’s ok. What you must have, no matter what, is faith: more faith in yourself than you have fear.

Where in your world are you letting the fear of the unknown keep you in a situation that has become way too comfortable for you?

Point #5: Feedback

  • Danielle: If you can’t take feedback, you can only get so good at doing your job behind the chair as an Artist. A lot of Artists will take feedback as an attack, or they will be embarrassed and get defensive.
  • You have to be able to take feedback, even if you feel it’s from a nut case, and ask yourself where you could have improved. Approaching it with neutral energy instead of a defensive attitude will make all the difference.

How do you receive feedback as an Artist? What can you do to improve how you receive it?

Quote of the Week:

I’m going to challenge all of you to stop putting one foot in the door, and instead commit, make it happen, and then see what happens for you in your business and in your life.”

Danielle K White

“Anytime you’re making a huge life decision or a decision that’s ‘out of the norm,’  you’re either going to hear praise or persecution. You just need to be confident in what you’re doing and have more faith in yourself than you have fear in the “what-if’s” of failure.

Anianne Rivera

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