Coach Val and Coach Ani highlight the topic of Production in this week’s episode of the Big Money Stylist podcast.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..PRODUCTION

Point #1: It Works if You Do

  • Coach Val: Production is doing the actual work. The program’s working, the problem is, you’re not working.
  • Coach Ani: So many students come into the program all hyped up and excited to make a lot of money. They get so amped up, it’s almost like a drug. After they leave, they say the program’s not working. The question becomes, are they doing the work? We’ve had so many artists go through our program and get such amazing results that you can no longer say this program doesn’t work

Where in your life do you throw in the towel before doing the work required?

Point #2: BMS – The Business of Art

  • Coach Val:  For most artists, what we do inside of BMS is so foreign. My brain doesn’t naturally go in the direction of how we teach things. NBR and color, on the other hand, are so natural for me. But the actual business side is so different. That’s why we have Mastermind, to keep you on track, to hold you accountable, and to keep that fire lit under your ass.
  • Ani is so good at that and teaches the students in a systematized way. It’s an awesome way to hold you accountable where the system is all laid out for you, so if you start to slide off, you know where to come back. It’s a way to keep propelling yourself forward so you can continue your growth.

How are you doing with the business side of being an artist?

Point #3: 30 Day Sprint

  • Coach Ani: We now have what we call the 30-Day Sprint, and inside of that, we actually have five weeks of training. We have one week of the pre-30 days, and then the actual 30-Day Sprint. I have revamped the whole thing to where I’m requiring the entire network of 265 artists to participate in it.
  • We realized this was so desperately needed when the artists would come into the network and not remember what do to, which kicked them into the overwhelm mode. When artists get to that place, many feel like failures.

What has been your experience of the 30-Day Sprint?

Point #4: Power in Your Body

  • Coach Val: Power is my least favorite topic because it’s the hardest one for me, and BODY is the one area that I tend to let slide because I take care of everyone else and put myself last. As I’ve gotten back into eating super healthy and working out consistently, I’ve noticed a big difference in myself. Power in your body has a trickle effect and is the foundation of everything else.
  • Coach Ani: Taking care of your body plays a huge role in your mentality. When I moved to California nine months ago, I stopped drinking soda and stopped eating fast food. Keeping up with your body and taking care of yourself is vital for us as artists because we’re standing and moving for twelve hours a day, as well as having to hold conversations with clients. Ours is not the easiest of jobs, and it is essential for us to take care of our bodies.

What one thing can you add to your life today to start taking better care of your body?

Point #5: Tipping the Scales

  • Coach Ani: When people hear the term profit, the very first thing that enters their mind is money. Everything’s about money to everyone. What we’ve seen inside the network, however, are artists making a shit ton of money, and inside of that, we’ve seen that although they’re making a ton of money, they have no Balance and their life is a shit show.
  • Coach Val: I feel like you’re always tipping the scale. You’re wanting to go to work and make a profit, and as you’re doing that, your balance is going out of whack because you’re not taking time for yourself, your spouse, or your children. You have to reel yourself back in and ask yourself if its worth it. You get your balance back by putting up your boundaries and going from there. But I feel like it’s this constant tipping of the scales where rarely do you find yourself in that sweet spot.

How are you doing in the area of Balance?

Quote of the Week:

“What is it that you’re missing or lacking in your life? What can you do about it? I guarantee you can do something about it. Once you do, you will get different results, and once you get those, you will become addicted and want to keep moving forward, which is the point.”

–Valerie Plunk

“We’re around a lot of energy every day and it’s hard not to soak it all in. To help me get rid of it, journaling’s been my favorite. It helps me get my feelings out instead of burying them deeper and deeper.”

–Anianne Rivera

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