The DKW crew welcomes Jillian Cheen to the team as they discuss the hot topic of Profit in this week’s episode of Big Money Stylist which hit the top 50 in iTunes at the time of recording.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection


In This Week’s Episode…..PROFIT

Point #1:  Is it a Step Back or a Step Forward?

  • The road leading to DKW may not have made a lot of sense to others, but for Coaches Val, Ani and Jillian it made perfect sense. It was definitely a step back for Coach Val, but she saw the clear vision from the get go, put her ego aside and dove in despite people around her questioning her choice to leave a full clientele and move to Laguna Beach to become an assistant working on commission.
  • Coach Ani likes to look at her path as a parallel route. “This is the road I was on, I stepped off of it and went to the road next to it that could lead me higher and farther.” With Coach Jillian’s decision to go back to assisting, it may have seemed like a step back to some, but for Jillian it aligned with her vision.

Where in your life has a door opened for you that looks like a step back, but will ultimately catapult you forward?

Point #2: Ruthless Commitment Brings Major Profit

  • Coach Ani knows that at the end of the day it all comes down to your commitment to change your life. “If you’re not willing to do anything with the tools we’ve given to you, what do you expect from us at that point? You’ve got to put in some kind of effort.”
  • Coach Val knows the longer you stay committed to what you want, the faster you’ll see results. She’s loving the results in her life due to her ruthless commitment. Coach Jillian eats, lives and breathes her dream. She wakes up everyday with the attitude of “this is what I fucking want, and I know who I have to be in order to see the results I want.”

Where are you lacking ruthless commitment in your life?

Point #3: Passion: Love on Another Level

  • Coach Ani: My true heart and soul passion is training inside of BMS. That’s my happy place. It’s what I know I’m supposed to do. If it was taken away from me, that would crush my soul and a part of me would die.
  • For Coach Val, passion is love on another level. “No matter what other roles I take on around me, I still have to have time behind the chair as an Artist. I need that artistic outlet doing color and the NBR extensions that I love so much because it feeds me.”

What feeds your soul?


Point #4: Accountability Not Blame

  • Coach Jillian always used to feel like a victim and thought that everything was happening to her. “I looked back in my life and started taking accountability for my actions and seeing my part in all of it. My dreams have come true in such a short amount of time because I had the courage to look inward and began changing who I was being.”
  • Coach Val: It is so freeing to have accountability. You never have to have that victim mentality. You can’t change anyone else’s actions but what you can change is how you show up and what you deliver.

Where in your life are you not seeing the profit that you want to see because you have not committed to anything, you haven’t found your passion or you’re pushing it away?

Point #5: Vision Quest

  • Coach Ani: Something that we do inside BMS is what we call Vision Quest where we sit on the beach and ask ourselves: Who do you want to be 12 months from now? Who is that person? What does she look like? How does she talk and walk? What is her job? What is she doing?
  • Coach Val: Because I am so clear on my vision, every decision that I make is leading me to pave the way for other people to come in and live that vision themselves. It’s because of this vision that I will stop at nothing to make sure it comes to fruition.

What vision do you have for yourself that you are ruthlessly committed to?


Quote of the Week:

“The profit of me living out my passion in each of these areas of my life is this beautiful life that I am very protective of. If something is not serving me or going towards the passions of my life, then it’s not a part of my life. Everything in my life right now is contributing to my passion so that I can have this beautiful life that I’m living.

— Valerie Plunk

“There comes a point when it’s not about the money. It’s about me and the commitment I have to myself and the life I want. On my deathbed I want to look back on my life and say, you fucking did it. Good for you. Everything you wanted to accomplish,  you did it.”

–Anianne Rivera

“You can have a big end result you’re shooting for, but make sure you have small little markers for you to hit along the way. Once you hit that marker, don’t just say I’m good now, you have to push to the next one. You can’t just sit still because when you do that, you’re going backwards. When you reach your result, have bigger dreams.”

–Jillian Cheen



Stay Tuned for Next Week’s Topic….PROTECTION


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