This week’s episode is from the recent Warrior Wealth for Women event in Dana Point, California, where over 300 women were trained in the art of making, keeping, and growing money.

Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..PROFIT

Point #1: Constant Change

  • Coach Ani has been working side-by-side with Garrett at the red-hot core of BMS and within Warrior Women. Inside of that, she doesn’t recognize the woman she’s become, in the most beautiful of ways.
  • It’s not so much the destination, because there really is no destination. On your way to becoming that woman, things change. Who you become along the way changes every single time, and so does your path.

Where in your world have you noticed the biggest change in your path?


Point #2: Vision Quest

  • This is the woman on the island, who you see yourself becoming twelve months from now. Who you think you want to become will continue to change and grow as you do.
  • Don’t get so stuck on who you have to be at the finish line because there is no finish line. If you aim at getting there, you will fail every single time; if you’re a little ahead of where you were yesterday, then that’s fucking great.

Who is the woman you see on the island twelve months from now?


Point #3: King Fu Grip

  • The entrepreneurial game gives us the ability to start thinking through sequences, systems, automation, and delegation. Delegation is giving others an opportunity to do what is actually burning the fuck out of you.
  • The great barrier reef between the hustler, the business owner, and the entrepreneur, and the ability to make money, grow and sustain money, is that you actually have to let go of your Kung Fu fucking grip of control.

What area of your life do you need to let go and start delegating more responsibilities to others?

Point #4: Hustler and Sedation

  • The only way a hustler doesn’t burn out and have a complete and utter breakdown is they sedate. When you’re a hustler, you’re also a hobbyist.
  • Sedation is part of the game of making money. It’s stressful as fuck. There is no happy trail on the way to making money. It’s war with yourself, and with everything and everyone around you.

Where in your world are you sedating?


Point #5:  It’s a War

  • The minute you start to rise in your primal power to produce, friction will appear between you and your powerful man. This is why so few power couples exist because it’s war.
  • The lines between producers, lovers, and couples become blended. The war is not with anyone else; it’s with you. You must make the decision to rise, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

What are you experiencing in this area?

Quote of the Week:

“Consider the purpose of your life is expansion; that money, marriage, and children are the trifecta of expansion.”

–Garrett J White

“Don’t get so stuck on who you have to be at the finish line because there is no finish line.”

–Anianne Rivera


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