Not only is the BMS Podcast #95 out of ALL of the podcasts inside of iTunes, it’s Number ONE in Fashion and #5 in Arts, so we’ve noticed that the message being shared is making an impact on others. This week the BMS Team: Danielle, Garrett, Val and Ani talk about how to get beyond the slavery and bondage of being a stylist behind the chair, throwing in a little bit of a wizardry twist for safe measure behind it all.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..PROTECTION

Point #1: Protect Your Mind From Outside Influences

  • 60% to 70% of your success as an Artist – both behind and in front of the chair – comes down to protecting your own psychology. When you don’t protect it and allow people’s opinions and outside noise to influence you, there’s a direct impact on your bank account. You have to have tunnel vision when it comes to the chatter and noise of others.
  • Coach Val: I have to block out the outside noises and opinions of others because it can trickle down into everything, including what I produce behind the chair and how I feel about myself, which slows me down. I can’t have that. It’s super important to protect my mindset so that I can keep growing and get to where I want to be.

When you’ve allowed other people’s opinions to impact or influence you about your own industry – and they’re not even in the hair industry –  how does it actually affect you in the salon?

 Point #2: Your Circle of Influence Matters

  • Sometimes when you step outside of the ‘acceptable’ and unspoken parameters of your social or family group, people inside of these groups start questioning your actions and may even become embarrassed by you. Be willing to feel awkward in order to move forward in life, regardless of what your friends and family may think or say.
  • After losing everything several years ago, Garrett was trying to find his voice again. In the midst of  the gossiping and ‘shit talking’ from close friends and family, Garrett and Danielle knew the only way they were going to pull this off and get their life back on track was to shut everyone out, which included blocking family and friends on social media and moving to another State.

Who is in your circle of influence?  Are they sucking the life out of you or are they assisting you in your growth? What changes do you feel called to make?

 Point #3: Clearing the Path Protects Your Future

  • There is another world that you cannot even fathom possible that exists in a different realm beyond whom you are currently giving yourself permission to be as an Artist and businessman or woman, where the excitement, abundance, experience, happiness and Purpose in your life is so much bigger. Oft times the only way for us to protect our future is to clear the path in our present moment with relationships and situations that no longer serve us.
  • An advocate for growth and change, Coach Ani believes that you can’t remain the same person. As hard as it was at the time for her to break off her long term relationship and engagement, she knew it was the right decision for her and her continued growth. She was willing to throw fucking caution to the wind and say, “Okay. I have no idea how this is going to play out, but I’m gonna fuckin’ try it.”

What hard choices are right in front of you that you need to give yourself permission to make?

Point #4: You Are Your Worst Enemy

  • What do you do when the dark side of you wants to quit? Coach Ani remembers her WHY, she takes a step back to look at the bigger picture, and takes time to recharge herself. Val has found that by sharing her own pain and struggles with other stylists, it gives them permission to push forward, push a little harder and know they are worth making more of their lives.
  • Danielle: It comes down to Purpose. I can’t listen to those voices in my head anymore because I know how many people are impacted by what I am doing.

What do you do when your own mind becomes your greatest enemy? What has become helpful to you as an Artist?

Point #5: Marketing is a Protection Game

  • To protect your Empire, continual marketing is a must, whereas ceasing to market can cause the destruction of that same Empire. When you know your numbers you can go forward with an actual plan, as opposed to just throwing money away in hopes that what you want is actually going to work.
  • Another way of protecting your business is by actually being fucking good at hair. Being an elite Artist is one of the greatest protection moves to a future building of your business and sustaining your current clients.

What area are you currently lacking in when it comes to marketing, knowing your numbers, or being an Elite Artist? What changes are you committed to making going forward?

Quote of the Week:

“The marketing game is always changing, so you have to move with the trends. If you can figure out the marketing game and have success with whatever you’re trying to promote, and have figured out that piece of the puzzle, then regardless of where the economy goes, you feel more protected because you know how to market and you know how to rebuild.”

— Danielle White

“You have to know how to market, but you have to have a skillset that you can deliver on a level that will keep a client coming back. Inside our Elite Mastermind, we have implemented something called Power Practice where the students have to make a commitment of practicing daily for 15 minutes. It may not seem like a lot, but what we’ve seen is that by doing that 15 minutes every single day, it elevates their skillset immensely. We are holding our students to a higher standard of work that is worthy of the NBR brand that Danielle created.”

— Valerie Plunk

“Every hard decision you [Danielle] have ever made has not just affected you, Garrett and your children – it’s affected everybody. It affected Val and her marriage and family; it’s affected every aspect of my life. Everything has come about because you had the strength to stand up one day, change everything about your life and say: This isn’t enough. I’m doing more. I’m changing my life.”

–Anianne Rivera

Stay Tuned for Next Week’s Topic….POWER


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