As the Big Money Stylist podcast continues gaining in popularity as the #1 podcast in Fashion and Beauty, as well as one of the top 50 overall podcasts in iTunes, Danielle and her team are grateful for their audience and are committed to bringing massive value through their timely, lively and oft times spicy shows. This week’s topic of Protection is a passionate favorite amongst the ladies of DKW Styling.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..PROTECTION

Point #1: Sharing is Not Always Caring

  • Over a ten year period, Danielle created a brand called Natural Beaded Rows. In the beginning, “sharing was caring,” but there came a point in time when it became imperative for Danielle to protect the brand she had spent years creating and perfecting.
  • She also realized the importance of protecting the experience of her client by doing away with her shadowing program. “I try to look at anything I do from the perspective of the client. If I was booking an appointment at a high end salon, what would I want my experience to look like?”

How are you protecting the experience of your clients?

Point #2: Are You in Alignment?

  • There was a period of time in Danielle’s life when she and her husband felt the need to protect their marriage and family by distancing themselves from and letting go of relationships that were no longer serving them, instead creating new relationships that aligned with their vision.
  • You meet people in your life that help you connect from point A to point B. Once they stop serving you in a good way or adding any positivity to your life, you have to step back and ask yourself if it’s worth trying to fix, or if it’s time to move on.

Look inside your life and inside your circle of influence – the people you’re constantly around. Is there someone you know you need to be protecting yourself from?

Point #3: Protecting the Client

  • Danielle: Because I wear NBR extensions in my hair, when I hear stories on social media of salons using knock off versions of NBR and making scalps bleed, I’m like what the fuck! I can’t even stand it. We have to protect our brand with the client because we’re delivering a different service, a different product and a different experience than what’s found outside of our salons.
  • Jillian: I think it’s disrespectful to the client if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. We ask the people in our Mastermind to do 15 minutes of power practice every day which shows dedication to their clients and to their craft. Ani: When clients come and sit in our chair, they’re trusting us to put our hands in their hair, to put chemicals in their hair, to change shit up and to really make a big difference for them, which makes their experience a top priority for us.

Are you really giving your clients the best experience you can? Are you treating them the way you would want to be treated?

Point #4: Churn and Burn No More

  • Danielle: The retention of a client is becoming a lost and forgotten art in the hair industry. When you have the mindset of churn and burn, what the fuck does that say to your client? It says you don’t give a shit about them. When you up the game and up the experience, not only is your client going to be happy, she’s going to tell other people about her experience.
  • At DKW Salons, one of the ways we protect ourselves, our brand and our clients is by creating a connection and killer experience for them right from the very start. We do this by paying close attention to the details before and after their appointment, we send follow up emails and reach out to them to see how they’re doing. Creating an amazing client experience is a top priority for us.

What systems do you have in place that focus on Client Retention and the Client Experience?

Point #5: Winds of Change

  • Danielle: We’re rebirthing stylists to a new level. No more crappy routines and behaviors and all that shit that doesn’t serve you. We’re getting rid of all these bad habits and routines and putting stylists more on a pedestal. Ani: We’re changing the game. We’ve literally taken the hair world and flipped it upside down. What we do is not normal, it’s not seen and it’s super intense. Having an emphasis on having a skill is not enough anymore.
  • BMS (Big Money Stylist) is the methodology of NBR (Natural Beaded Rose) married up to business and marketing tactics. Conventions are held throughout the year where hundreds of Artists attend. BMS Intensives are smaller classes that cap out at 20 people for more personal, one-on-one hands on training. To be considered for either of these, please visit our website and fill out an application. 

Are you ready to jump into this movement that’s taking the hair industry by storm?


Quote of the Week:

“A lot of stylists go into hair with the goal of eventually owning their own place, yet they don’t know business, they don’t know client retention, they don’t know client experience or know how to emotionally deal with the client as the professional. We are at a tipping point which is so cool for me to see. I believe that what we are doing is 100% changing the game and is impacting our industry on a huge level.”

— Danielle White

“At the end of the day, when we go through and protect the clients by doing the power practice, doing NBR every single day, getting better at the beadwork, stitching and color – protecting them in that sense of practicing and giving them a good experience – it also protects us and the brand as well.”

–Anianne Rivera

“I feel like I have to protect myself from myself. I’m like my own worst enemy; I’m my harshest critic. Your heart knows what an amazing individual you are, so let it shine. Have that spark always. Don’t let yourself dwindle by other outside factors. Put a bubble around you, one that allows people inside if they’re awesome. Let yourself be you!”

–Jillian Cheel



Stay Tuned for Next Week’s Topic….POWER


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