Coach Ani and Coach Val, lead trainers for BMS and NBR, respectively, open up and get vulnerable in this week’s conversation around the topic of Profit, reminding the listeners that there’s so much more to Profit than dollars and cents.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..PROFIT

Point #1: Growth Junkies

  • Coach Val: We refer to ourselves as growth junkies. Once you do something and you’re able to achieve it, you become addicted to that. It’s really fulfilling. You just want to keep pushing yourself forward, and you don’t want to stay stagnant anymore.
  • If you’re trying to fill a void, I feel that way is not as sustainable as far as growth and seeing a profit goes. If you’re doing it because you want to grow, you want to be better, and you want to better your life and other people’s lives, there’s longevity in that.

What area of your life have you experienced the most growth in the past three months?

Point #2: Walk Your Path

  • Coach Ani: Realistically, there’s a path you want to head down that is the right path for you. When you’re making decisions that aren’t for the right reasons, and take your eye off the prize and focus on something else, you start making the wrong decisions. At some point, you will find yourself on a parallel path, but that’s going to veer you all the way to the right and take you somewhere you don’t even want to be.
  • Coach Val: The profit has to be worth it for you, and you have to be doing it for the right reasons in order for you to have longevity with it. Otherwise, you just burn out and become resentful. If I’m doing things too long or for the wrong reasons, and make it all about the money, I end up getting resentful and my work isn’t where it should be.

Why are you an Artist?


Point #3: What Are Your Boundaries?

  • Coach Ani: Every time I hit a new state – a new level of me – as we always say, the previous version of you is dead and you’re then born to become something else. So every time I become this new person, I ask myself, “What does this new version of me want? What is she happy or unhappy with? What are the non-negotiables again? Where is it that you truly want to go?” I have to rethink and take a new look at my path.
  • Coach Val: I think it’s important that we constantly recheck and reevaluate. As you grow, change, and evolve, your boundaries have to change and evolve. We always need to be evaluating what we’re doing and what’s currently working. And when it’s not working, don’t be afraid to reel it back in and make some shifts.

When is the last time you evaluated your life and the direction you’re heading?


Point #4: Journey of Self Discovery

  • Coach Ani: If you’re already producing and working a fuck ton and you’re still unhappy, you need to reevaluate and ask yourself why you’re so unhappy. If you’re working all the time and you think you’re living your purpose, and you’re still miserable, you need to look inward and figure out why you’re so freaking unhappy all the time.
  • At that point, maybe you’re not actually living your purpose even though you think you are, or maybe you’ve gone a little bit off the road from what you should actually be doing. With BMS, even though I love it, I’m not as happy as I could be. I’m in the mode of, “What do I need to reel in? What needs to happen so I don’t lose my shit again?” And inside of that, I’m reevaluating myself as a human.

What is your Purpose?


Point #5:  Growth Time Warp

  • Coach Val: We’re in a time warp here where we’re learning and growing so fast that we don’t even realize it until we are around people we haven’t seen for a while. I didn’t use to understand it when Garrett would say the old version of me had died and has been reborn. I used to think that was so dramatic. But now I understand that that person or version of me doesn’t exist anymore.
  • Coach Ani: I had a conversation with one of the younger Warrior’s from Utah who has been here working inside of Warrior for the past year. He recently went back home to hang out with some of his friends and said the entire time he was with them, he just wanted to leave because he no longer had anything in common with them. And in that moment, he realized that he was someone completely different.

What has been your experience with this warp speed growth?

Quote of the Week:

“If anything, I want this podcast to serve as a reminder to stylists that when something’s not working, you have the power to change it. Evaluate what is not working and ask yourself what you can do to fix it. You are in control of your life, and you’re the one that can change that. If, at the end of the day, I’m getting paid all of this money but I’m not seeing my family or spending any time enjoying moments with them, it’s all for nothing, and I refuse to do that.”

–Valerie Plunk

“At the end of the day, if you have a hole inside of you – and everybody does – and you’re trying to fill it with something that isn’t actually sustainable, or is not actually what you want, you’re never going to be full again. At the end of the day, take a look at your life and ask yourself what is truly going to make you happy.”

–Anianne Rivera

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