The driving message in this week’s episode of the Big Money Stylist is setting intentions for 2019. What makes you happy? What do you want for yourself and your business this year? Danielle and Ani share some of the things they are excited about for 2019 and why setting up your year instead of just letting things happen is crucial to your happiness and success.

Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..PRODUCTION

Point #1: Looking Back to Look Forward

  • Ani spent 2018 grinding and working. She didn’t take a vacation and she didn’t go anywhere. She had just moved to Cali, BMS was growing, and she was super stoked for what lay ahead of her. She essentially carried BMS in 2018.
  • Danielle feels as though Ani took on BMS as her own little baby in 2018. “Ani is the Sam of Warrior Week. When you take on something as your own and when you’re an entrepreneur starting something, you take everything to the core. Ani gave everything she had and more.”

What are some of your patterns and behaviors from 2018 that you want to course correct in 2019?


Point #2: Take a Step Back and Watch it Rise

  • After years of carrying on at a high level, including all of the stress that comes along with that, Danielle let go a couple of years ago and passed the torch to Garrett. She had reached the point where she was ready to let her ‘baby’ go.
  • Danielle: I think in life you have to do that. You have to let go and see how things will go; how others will handle things without you. It turns out, people step in where they need to. It gives other people the opportunity to rise, and everyone as a company can rise together.

Where in your world is it time to let go of something? What is it?


Point #3: Delegate to Create Space

  • So many women have a hard time letting go, even when it comes to something like hiring a house cleaner or nanny. Danielle recently reaped the benefits of delegating some of her Christmas preparations and tasks, which created space in her soul.
  • Ani keeps her place very organized and clean, but after back-to-back trainings last year, at times it looked as if a tornado had hit. She has recently hired her first house cleaner and is so stoked to have her come in once a week. That represents freedom for Ani.

What is one thing you can delegate today that will free up space inside of your soul?


Point #4: Freedom

  • From the outside, Ani appears to be a very system-oriented get-shit-done type of person. But on the inside, she is a very free-flowing person who loves to explore and take adventures. For Ani, 2019 is all about creating freedom and space inside of her life.
  • Danielle doesn’t want to book out her appointments too far in advance, otherwise, she feels like she isn’t able to take a vacation or time off. It’s too easy to let months pass and suddenly you realize you haven’t gone anywhere; you haven’t done anything but work and grind.

What is your idea of freedom? What does that look like for you?


Point #5: Celebrate the Little Wins

  • Ani: You don’t just have to wait for really big things to celebrate the WINS. It’s the little WINS that remind you, ‘Oh my God, I’m doing this!” You have to be happy over the small little things because if you wait until the really big things to happen –  the ones that happen every blue moon – you’ll spend most of your time unhappy.
  • Danielle: If you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed, just remember that it’s the little things you implement that will slowly make a big impact. You will suddenly realize how much you have accomplished in a short period of time. Just take things day by day, one step at a time.

What are the little WINS you are celebrating today?

Quotes of the Week

“You can create when you have freedom. If you are not free, you cannot create and you are just in grind mode. People who keep really busy aren’t progressing forward, they’re just going in circles.”

— Danielle White

“It’s not that we want to do more because we’re so unhappy, its because we’re so excited about what we do and love it so much that we just can’t help it! Because I see these targets so vividly in my head, it might as well already be a movie I’m watching. It’s going to happen!”

–Anianne Rivera

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