The White’s are in the studio this week having a conversation about the importance of clear communication and framing as an Artist, especially within the elite luxury experience of Danielle’s creation, Natural Beaded Rows.*This is an encore presentation of a previously recorded episode.

In This Week’s Episode…..PRODUCTION

Point #1: The Bigger Picture

  • In 2010, Garrett was the man behind the camera filming Danielle’s first educational videos for the Natural Beaded Rows Extension method she created.
  • While editing her first video, the thought of “Who do you think you are?” entered Danielle’s mind, which thought was quickly replaced with, “You have no idea how many people this is going to impact.”

Where did your journey begin as an artist?

Point #2: Clear Communication

  • Artists have to powerfully communicate with clients what they’re going to do before the appointment begins.
  • As an artist, you must own that you’re the expert. It’s your job to lay out the facts and the outcomes so the client knows exactly what to expect.

How do you set yourself apart as the expert?

Point #3: Framing Inside of Seduction

  • Framing is the reality when it comes to seduction and assisting people to make better decisions. It’s the ability to put a particular story around the way someone views something.
  • What framing does is create for the individual who is going to buy from you price elasticity. Our story about what we’re going to pay for something opens up and actually becomes something bigger because of the new frame.

How are you framing the experience your clients receive?

Point #4: NBR is the Bently of Extensions

  • When you’re dealing with high-end services, you’ve eliminated 90% of the marketplace. Let them go somewhere else.
  • When we talk about Natural Beaded Rows, we’re talking about a luxury product that helps people change the way they see themselves.

What elite experience do you provide for your clients?

Point #5:  Communication Equals Cash

  • The conversation of power inside of a frame of elite services exists when the client is in the chair, but they’ve already moved themselves into that place.
  • Pricing and communication become simpler because you’ve already been communicating the value of that service from the very beginning.

What can you do to improve the way you communicate with your clients about the services you’re providing?

Quote of the Week:

“What framing does is create price elasticity for the individual who is going to buy from you.

–Garrett J White

“When you have a niche or specialty, you can get away with charging a little more. Part of it is because you’re an expert in that niche.”

–Danielle K White

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