*Encore presentation from April of 2019* In this week’s episode, Danielle and Ani have a conversation about taking a leap into the unknown. How unhappy are you willing to let yourself be? Do you honestly want to keep doing the same shit that you’ve always done and keep being unhappy OR do you want to say fuck it, do something different and get a different result? 

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..POWER

Point #1: Born to Leap!

  • Why are we so scared to step into the unknown even when we’re already in a scary or uncomfortable place? We’ll take so much pain before we let go and step into the unknown. We’re built to survive, so jumping into the unknown is how we can give ourselves -and human nature – more credit.
  • When you take that leap, you’re not just going to lay down and die; rather you’re going to fight to succeed. It’s crazy, though, how many years people will hold themselves hostage to situations that they don’t want to be in and where shit hasn’t changed for years.

Where in your world do you know it’s time to take a leap, but your fear has paralyzed you?

Point #2: But…What Happens If I Leave?

  • When it comes to artists, there are so many who continue working at a salon even though they absolutely hate everything about it – the vibe, the aesthetics, the owner – and they know that they should leave. But then they question what will happen if they do leave?
  • There are situations where you might have to take a step back before you take a step forward which can also scare people from ultimately taking that leap forward. We begin listening to the voices in our head that are saying things like, “Why would you let go of that security?” But if you’re unhappy, in feeling safe, it’s costing you so much more.

How do you respond to the voices in your head?

Point #3: You Got This!

  • Anytime you decide to take a leap into the unknown, most likely you’re going to experience feelings of fear and anxiety, and it can be really stressful. The decision to move forward doesn’t always come easily.
  • When Danielle finds herself in situations where she feels almost beaten down – and physically & emotionally exhausted – a higher power will come to her with the message, “You got this!

How have you experienced this in your life?

Point #4: One Foot In, One Foot Out

  • Many artists aren’t able to make the commitment and take the leap. They hang on to what’s comfortable or have a hard time letting go and end up keeping one toe in the water, even sometimes holding down two to three jobs because they’re unable to let go completely.
  • Ani has been one to jump off the cliff and just go for it, which is one of the reasons why she is able to learn and grow so quickly. “I’m one of those people who will have 500 questions about something to make sure I have everything correct in my head before I commit to something.” And then she takes the leap.

Where do you currently have one foot in and one foot out?

Point #5: One Moment of Bravery

  • Ani: Sometimes all we need is one moment of bravery – a fuck it moment. That could mean taking five minutes to write your letter of resignation from a job that you fucking hate or a salon you don’t want to be at. It literally only takes one moment of bravery to hit the send button.
  • Danielle: I think the older we get, the more set in our ways we are. It’s even harder if you’re married or if you have children where there’s more riding on the line. We seem to stop taking risks as adults and think we have too much to lose, But in reality, we have too much to lose by NOT taking the leap

Where in your world do you know that by taking one moment of bravery it would shift the course of your life?

Quote of the Week:

Assess the cliff. How much time do you have before you actually jump off the cliff? Are there some steps you can take that would make that jump seem safer?”

Danielle K White

“Don’t be reactive, be proactive. Don’t just wait for something to happen to you; make moves beforehand. Life does not have to happen to you; you can create whatever it is you want in life.”

Anianne Rivera

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