The girls are back this week sharing stories, experiences, and plenty of laughs in this episode of the Big Money Stylist.  Danielle and Ani describe how having a Salon Manager and having systems in place make all the difference in the world in all facets of the business. 

In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..POWER

Point #1: Salon Managers

  • Both Danielle and Ani agree that if you have a full salon and don’t have a Salon Manager you can FULLY TRUST, or software in place to assist in the managing, you’re pretty much fucked. And by the way, do not make the mistake of giving this job to one of your hair stylists.
  • When she first opened her Salon, Danielle used to manage everything on her own. As her salon grew and expanded, she reached the point where it all eventually became too overwhelming for her to manage on her own.

What is your experience with Salon Managers? What difference have they made in your salon?

Point #2: Juggling Too Much?

  • Danielle: I’m very clean and appear to be very put together…but I’m not. I’m very passionate and driven, artistic and detail oriented…but there’s a BIG difference between being organized and being detailed. And then if there’s too much detail, I get overwhelmed.
  • Even if you’re detail oriented, when you’re trying to juggle too many things, shit falls apart. And then when you’re looking to add people to your team, you have this thought of “nobody can do it my way.” But… is your way always the most effective way?

How has trying to juggle it all worked out for you?

Point #3: Follow-up & Referrals

  • Nothing says cheap hair like “Text me for appointments!” When you do this, you’re not taking yourself seriously, nor are you gathering pertinent information. Not only that, people tend to slip through the cracks this way.
  • Danielle and Ani teach their artists that they will have better results in creating longevity with their current clients when they follow-up with them rather than going with the churn and burn mentality. It’s great to have social media for marketing, but oft times the gold is in the referrals.

Are you currently adhering to the churn and burn mentality? What is one thing you can do to change that?

Point #4: You’re On the List

  • You take yourself and your business more seriously by staying organized and creating systems, collecting information from clients, and creating a better overall client experience inside of your own space and salon, whether you’re doing it by yourself or you have a whole team working behind you or with you.
  • Danielle: Sometimes as small business owners, we forget to have the bigger mindset like Nordstroms or Bloomingdales where once you become their customer, you’re on their list and you begin receiving a stream of steady emails in your inbox. Sometimes you’re annoyed, and other times you’re really glad they sent you that suggestion or tip.

What system to you have in place that captures clients’ emails and other pertinent information?

Point #5:  What Is It Costing You?

  • Danielle: The moral of this story is, if you’re in business, start creating better habits, patterns, and behaviors right now; start utilizing systems and actually figure out how to use them so they benefit you.
  • Educate yourself more on marketing and not just posting a pretty photo and saying “text or dm me.” Systems are created to free up space to enable us to do our Art. What is the cost of trying to “do it all,” especially if you’re a mom?

As you step back and take a look at your business, what is one system you can add that will ultimately free up time and space for you?

Quote of the Week:

“Systems free up your time and enable you to concentrate on the art.”

–Danielle K White

“ALL of my time, energy and space – EVERYTHING – goes to my artists inside of BMS and Mastermind.”

–Anianne Rivera

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