In this episode, the White’s tackle this reality: Most Artists are slaves behind the chair who are searching for a magic pill or magic checklist to success, and they’re looking for a Savior to bail them out. Danielle and Garrett share how Artists can flip that story and take a stand for themselves as an Artist AND a Marketer.

In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..POWER

Point #1: Magic Pill?

  • When Artists sign up for a class or seminar, they pay the fee and then want a play-by-play action book to success. They’re looking for that magic pill or magic checklist.
  • Danielle explains that’s not how business works. The easy part is paying the money and signing up for the class; the hard part is actually doing the work.

What have been your expectations re a Magic Pill to success?

Point #2: Slave Behind the Chair

  • Hair stylists have a problem: They’re slaves trained in an industry and by a society that says, “You are not an artist, you are a slave and will come in the days and hours that I want.”
  • Inside the slavery game, you have a second game which sets up Artists to look for a Savior. The life is being sucked out of so many Artists in the industry – the art, the fun, the joy, the passion – and they are slowly dying.

How has being a slave behind the chair worked for you thus far?

Point #3: No Salvation In Checklists

  • An Artist with a slave mentality can be given a checklist or formula, but they will not see the actual art around the science of the checklist, nor have the intuitive knowledge to be able to move with the ebb and flow in and out of the formula.
  • As they attempt to find salvation inside of these checklists, Artists begin looking at them as commandments to salvation, but they will never set them free.

How is this conversation opening your eyes and helping to change your story?

Point #4: How Do I Get Leads?

  • There are four things you need to do every single day: 1) Livestream Video 2) Elite Photos of your Before and After work 3) Audio through podcasting or communication with clients 4) Text via FB page as a blog, an actual blog, or writing email copy.
  • The Artist slave asks, “What is the checklist?” We tell them: The Daily 4. Their response? “But Garrett, I don’t have enough time!” The challenge is, you want to be free but you’re so busy being a slave that you can’t actually hear nor do what’s actually required to set yourself free.

What aspect of the Daily Four are you going to implement first?

Point #5:  Micro Wins

  • Micro Wins is an actual strategy used in Military Training and inside of big business. You have these big visions for change but the problem is, you can’t move this big business very quickly if you try to make it move in one big swoop.
  • So what you have are Micro Goals or Benchmarks where you take on one thing for a month and become master at that, then you set another Micro Goal. It’s a process where you take down your big goal one micro piece at a time.



What is one big goal that you can start breaking down into Mirco wins?

Quote of the Week:

 “One of the stories that you must kill is, “I don’t have time.” The one thing about time is this: you will do whatever you’re committed to.”

–Garrett J White

“Find value in the small consistencies throughout your day. Start with the simple shit, do the work, and then be patient.”

–Danielle K White

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